Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mark's Graduation from the 150th Fire Academy 3-7-09

The 150th bought this for the school as their gift to the academy.

This golf cart had everyone in the academy's name put on it.

Mark's family and realitives came to his graduation.

Ton's of family and friends showed up for Mark's graduation

Play this video to see what happened in the 150th.


A duck in our pool

On the morning of graduation we found this wondeful duck floating in our pool. He was quacking and talking to another duck in a pool next door

Sunday, March 01, 2009

All about our newest grandson, Aiden

We have a new grandson, Aiden Michael Thomas Askew

Our cute little Aiden looks like his big brother, Andrew

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christmas Morning at the Eldridge's 2009

Christmas morning at the Eldridge's 2009 / Play the video!

Christmas Day @ the Eldridge's

Debbie opening her stocking on Christmas Morning

Mark and Liz opening their stockings

Our kids opening Christmas presents on Christmas Day

Our Children and Grandchildren opening presents on Christmas Day 2008

House in full decoration

Christmas at the Eldridge's 2008

The House was extremely decorated for the holiday's.

All were home for the holidays

Inisde the house, decorated for Christmas

The house decorated inside for Christmas 2008

Cole's Christmas Preformance 12-08

Cole dressed as a lamb in a custom made outfit by Crystal for his school / church preformance

Cole's Christ Preformance

Cole dressed as a lamb for his church/school preformance and his teacher